This predominantly Street-male culture would not be where it is today without many of the women who not just participate in it, but have been instrumental in its global proliferation. 
Today, street culture is more inclusive and intersectional than ever, and that’s a trend we hope to see grow as it continues to evolve. We study and work to melt together fashion designers with sneakers models, but we know, that sometimes it is difficult to feel feminine and at ease.
In the latest decade, we have seen how women overcome the boundaries of gender in the street-style, showing how footwear has become more accessible across gender, not because of the “pink version of the shoe”, but getting the shape of what is cool

Whether it is wearing men’s or women’s clothes, it’s all about the confidence and conviction of knowing your outfit is fresh. We love to mix clothes and matching them with a cool pair of Jordan’s. Cropping jersey, burning T-shirts, stealing daddy’s 90s jeans or brothers’ Nike soccer training socks, transparent dress or bossy suit, all with a catchy pair of Jordan. 

From Cozy, baggy outfits to classy and bossy, here is our list of 10 Girls, that embody a modern sense of feminine street-style, pulling from several subcultures, from the old and new school, that feeling of Power.